Anybody home?


One of the biggest problems in our hyper-uber-over-connected world today is….getting connected. Making it easy and even ‘idiot’-proof for a journalist to find the publicist. How important is that, right? When a writer is on a deadline and urgently needs that last question answered or to find a photo to use: that’s what publicists live for—-being there when the writer needs you!

I surveyed a large number of winery websites and was truly surprised at how hard many wineries make it. There’s the ubiquitous one-email box option on a Contact page. It’s rare to find a winery where functions are differentiated and it’s crystal-clear how to find

  • Winery Tours & Tastings
  • PR & Marketing
  • National Sales/Trade
  • Wine Club
  • Special Events
  • Donations

What an easy fix. What a no-brainer way to insure that the channels are all open and flow smoothly. What a way to make sure that your door is always open to the media. Is your winery’s ‘door’ open?