Lighting the way…or are you visible?


Sometimes ‘public relations’ or publicity begins with so-called little things.

For example, driving through the Napa Valley at night, I’m always fascinated by how many wineries choose NOT to light their signs or their entrances. Seems so obvious, right? You’ve gone to some trouble to have a great sign or a meticulously designed entrance, framed by flowers or sculpture. But. Not. Why?

The world doesn’t close down at dark. People drive, people go out to eat dinner, people go to events, people look out the window, people chat, people literally grade your image as they speed by. That sign, that entrance—it’s a vignette, a snapshot of what lies across the parking lot.

At night, through the darkness, that winery entrance is a tiny stage set—your graphics gleaming, your name popping out of the blackness to make more of an impression than it may do during the bright sunlight of daytime. Shine a light on it! Make it glow and pop or just warmly and brightly communicate your personality. That means your well lit entrance or sign could be a memorable snapshot, planting a seed for people to plan to come back when you’re open for business.

Your winery might not be a Chateau in the Loire or the Chartres Cathedral staging son et lumiere spectacles

but see what you can do….!